Halloween vibes

A gouache painting of a witch with one green eye and one eye socket full of stars and space, she's wearing a hat with flowers and vines on it.
Galaxy witch sees you, gouache on A4 paper.
A watercolor painting of a white figure sitting on a rooftop, screaming. In the background some bats fly away while the clock on the clocktower is broken.
Do you hear the Banshee scream?, watercolor on A4 paper.

I love me some Halloween vibes. When the nights are long and the days are cold, the witchy things come out. So I painted this Galaxy Witch that sees right through you, and this Banshee who might be going unheard.

The Galaxy Witch Sees You prints are available in my shop! For those people who love witchy stuff all year round. And I’m aiming to add prints of the Do You Hear the Banshee Scream? painting soon as well.

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