Hello! I am Eefje Savelkoul, a graphic designer and illustrator.

I am a maker. If I can create, I’m happy. Which is why it’s great that I found a profession in which I can spend the whole day working on beautiful visual communication.

From 2007 on I’ve been working in media as an editorial graphic designer, and I started as an illustrator in 2017. I have a wide experience: from art direction and page design to ads, illustrations, photo editing, infographics, marketing materials and images for online use. This is why I’m good at (contributing to) editorial choices and why I can take care of the entire design process, from concept to production.

My expertise in design and art direction is editorial print. I designed all versions of (Dutch) Metro Lifestyle for example, and the latest restyle of De Newspaper was my work too.

As an illustrator I prefer to work traditionally. I will also do digital work, but I like to start with physical tools and will digitize the illustration to continue working on it. I love playing with brushes and paints. Currently watercolor and gouache are my favorite media, but I like combining things and following my inspiration.

In my spare time I am a frenetic knitter and crocheter, and I love playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends.

Would you like to know more? Check out my LinkedIn or get in contact.